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Another hardware request

Discussion created by Davide Reale on Nov 9, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2008 by Lee Worbey
I have to buy a new workstation to run solidworks 2008.
I read some topic, hope to understand what is better but now I'mmore confused then before.
We use now SW 2007 on AMD opteron 2,79 GHZ, 3,25 GB ram (probablyare 5 installed inside) nvidia quadro fx 3450/4000 sdi ,os windowsxp 32 prof. and have problems with large assembling (ram arrive to1,8 gb and system crash: already tried /3GB option).

I read somewhere that 64 bit System (in particular OS) will notsolve ram limit problem: is that true?

So which Os do you reccomend 64bit or 32?
Better invest my limited money in processor, ram or video card?

Which processor (better dual core 3 gh or quad core 2,66 gh)?
Video Card?

I know a lot of question but if someone can help me thanks.