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Is it possible to create a Macro to add an "X" to sheet metal bend lines in a Drawing?

Question asked by Kenneth Kobmann on Mar 1, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2016 by Rajat Jain

I see that there are a few Macros around that will flatten sheet metal and then save it as a DXF. Is it possible to have a macro add an "X" on sheet metal bend line or in a Perfect World it would Flatten the sheet metal, add an X  to the bend line and save it as a DXF? The X provides a small brake mark vs a long laser/HD Plasma etch mark. I just started to work for my current employer and there is someone who goes in, converts it to a DXF or DWG (Depending on which machine), and adds these X's to the drawing. He did this for a set of drawings for the division I am in charge of and put the X on the wrong side. Scrap. So I'd like to just provide him with the formatted machine prints already with the X on it.