Risto Apajalahti

Old SW2004 w/ new harware, strange noise

Discussion created by Risto Apajalahti on Nov 9, 2007
The SW2004 SP0 seems to work fairly decently on the HP Compaqdx2250 (Athlon 4800+) 2GRAM & XPPro with it's integrated ATIx1150 graphics card and small assemblies. However, after Iinstalled the newer ATI Catalyst 7.8 and 7.9 display drivers whichsupport OpenGL, there is now a noise which I wonder if it isharmful. The noise is the most audible in the sketch mode when everthe selection changes from an item to another, edge, line, axel,face etc or if zooming in and out. Drawing a circle and changingit's size with dragging causes it too.I'm almost sure the soundcomes from the HD, not the speaker. Anyone encountered anythingsimilar and know what this is and if there is a cure if one isneeded? I suspect if it is the HD this will ruin itprematurely?Thanks,Risto