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Perfomance of HP4400 Workstation

Question asked by Igor Isayev on Nov 8, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2007 by Anna Wood

I've used HP 4400 for almost a year running SW2007 ( RAM 2Gb,  Intel Core 2 CPU 6400 @2.13GHz, video cardNVIDIA Qudro FX -1500, 256 MB). It worked pretty decent, but alittle bit slow running large assemblies. So, it'sbeen decided to add some more "horse power" to ourmachines : 2 Gb RAM was added and video card was replaced by NVIDIAQuadro FX-4600 ( 768 Mb). I expected to see a significantimprovement in PC performance, but unfortunately I did not.
In order to monitor PC performance, I used to use SW Benchmarksoftware  ( ).
Here is a result that I got  from previous (original ) PCconfiguration.

And below is the result from the upgraded PC.


So, instead of some improvements , it' became worse .
I contacted to our IT contractor which provides a tech support.They used different things to improve it :
- update video driver,
-3Gb switch .
Besides, after upgrade the physical RAM became 3.25Gb instead of4Gb, IT guys could not find any ways to make operating system seethe full amount of physical memory.

Could someone suggest what was done wrong ? What should we do tomake it work ?

Thanks in advance .

Igor Isayev