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    Inactive too long - logged off

    Tim Turpin
      Getting message (too often!!!) which states

      'You have been inactive too long therefore you have been logged out'.

      inactivity is not the case as many users have/had been using PDMWE just minutes prior. Not seeing this message when time (30 minutes) elapsed and other users requested license.

      In one case, user got message, logged back in. Went back to SW and message popped back up. Less than 1 minute. Repeated and same thing. Shut down, restarted and then was able to resume.

      Any suggestions as to what causes this message? Any known bugs between SW and PDMWE on this?

      Thanks, Tim...
        • Inactive too long - logged off
          Tony Offre

          We have the same issue. We have not been able to figure out the problem except to exit PDMWE and start over.
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            Lucas Dexter
            I have one user that is getting this message. He only see it whentrying to attach a file
            from the vault to an email. No help on the resolution though.
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              Tim Turpin
              Solidwork and PDMWE tech support,

              Is there anything that you can offer on this. This is annoying. Not losing work or much time but annoying. Any suggestions as to what might be the cause would be appreciated.

              Most of the time user just restart PDMWE and proceed.

              Thanks, Tim...
              • Inactive too long - logged off
                Jeff Sweeney
                I just learned this can be caused if your connection to the SQL server gets disconnected or times out. So perhaps hardware [i.e. switch/hub/Ethernet card] is going bad or maybe SQL traffic is too high?

                Anyone know if there is a native SQL setting that would disconnect a person for too long of inactivity?

                When this happens, SolidWorks recommends to exit PDMWorks Enterprise EdmServer by right click exit on the blueberry icon, this will force the disconnection of all local views, SolidWorks add-in etc., hence reestablishing a new SQL connection (the error message should then be totally cleared).