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Route Component off

Question asked by Kirk Jess on Nov 8, 2007
Latest reply on Dec 27, 2007 by Kirk Jess
I have several harnesses in assemblies that when I open the assembly, the part file of the route is suppressed. The connectors and such are on, just the harness "part" is off. What gives with this? I didn't have this issue in SW 05 but it now does this in 07. And the other kicker is it isn't every harness. Just random ones.
I go in the harness assembly file and make sure to unsuppress the part. Save it.
I reactivate the assembly it was made in and it is suppressed.
I edit route and there are no errors. So I save it again. Exit the assembly and reopen it and the same thing is happening.
Now I have a completely new assembly made in SW 07 and it is doing the same thing.
Anyone else having this happen??