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2016 Crash issues

Question asked by Andreas Jost on Feb 29, 2016

Hello all,

After reading several postings about crashing and seen I had to encounter the same issues, I contacted the support several times.

First time of that contact has been helpful to me, to learn more about better file management, even f that has not been the point.

After I had de installed SW 2012 I contacted the support a second time but I had to do with a non to well informed supporter. He obviously didn´t understood my question about how to delete the dead registry entry´s that would probably left over.

At the third contact the supporter have been helpful in part, but…. I did find at other locations quiet a bunch of registry entries  of SW and it took me quite some time to delete them.

Ok then time to reinstall (naturally on a rebooted system) SW 2016 for a third time and…. Still crashes….

So then I took direct contact with my vendor and he told me, that SW need error log files and best would be video problem reports to solve the issues ……..

Now this is without any doubt somehow annoying to us customers, but I hope you all will do so, seen this will be the best way to give it a chance, that the issues will be solved quickly.

Yes, we have good reasons for complaints, but bitching will bring nobody further……