Ralph Wiechert

"PDMWorks Workgroup Cleanup" causes S.W. crash

Discussion created by Ralph Wiechert on Nov 7, 2007
I wanted to see if anyone else is seeing this same crash. I start SW 2008 sp 0.0 then immediately right-click on "My PDMWorks Workgroup Documents" folder to run the cleanup tool. Instant crash. Easily repeatable for me.
However, if I start SW then open a SW file, THEN right-click the folder, I (usually) keep SW from crashing. (So at least I have a work-around)

I contacted my VAR, and they're looking into it as we speak.

Anyone else seeing this, or am I the only sucker with this problem?


SW 2008 sp 0.0
Windows XP x64 sp 2
Intel Xeon
ATI FireGL 5200