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Macro - Crashes solidworks

Question asked by Ashok Anumula on Feb 29, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2016 by Ashok Anumula

Using Solidworks 2016, SP2.


Laptop, Windows 7 64bit Professional, Dell precision M6800, Inter i7-4710MQ 2.5Ghz, Ram 16GB.

Video card: AMD Radeon HD8950


My macro crashes every time it try to run it. I have to keep loading it from a back up after renaming the file or have to ask somebody to open it for me. It used to happen in 2015 but in 2016 it is worse. Can not go a day with out having to re-do the macro. I even sent requests to Solidworks but they are unable to help except for recovering the file, but said they are aware of the issue.


Stuff I tried

I tried changing order of references

Minimized references to bare minimum to make the code work.

Repaired Solidworks installation

Updated most of the code to use newest objects

Repaired disk errors if any (shot in the dark)

Cleared all unused registry (shot in the dark)

Repaired any corrupted files in windows (shot in the dark, thinking windows was causing it to crash)


Even after all of this I keep crashing solid works or i can not open/run the macro.


Message I get

"A serious error occurred on open macro file. The system could be in an unstable state now"

followed by this message"

"Cannot open" "Macro path"

(Macro is local to the machine and is not being run over the network)