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Design Table: SW will not delete features (2015, latest SP)

Question asked by Chris Oxford on Feb 29, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2016 by Chris Oxford

I have a fairly complicated part with iterative configurations (trying to keep old iterations alive in case new don't pan out).


Did a save as for the entire part to create a substantially new iteration. After saving with new name, I deleted irrelevant features. I work with "Allow model edits to update design table", as some aspects are tough to edit in the table.


When I went to edit the Design Table (always in a new window, so I can see all the columns, not cut off the first one or 2), I got 33 features and states that have an error (they don't exist, as I deleted them from the model). SolidWorks should just delete all the columns that are missing. I do not have time to write every one down, find in the table, and delete by hand. If I delete ones I need, I'm hosed.


Tried to Edit Table (not in new window), still won't work.


And don't tell me Design Tables get buggy if they are complicated. I know this, but I still try. Complicated parts are where Design Tables prove their worth. If it's a simple part, I don't need the table to speed editing.


Then there's the problem of values of every config updating to the value of one of the configs for some features, totally blowing away all reason to have the table.


I'm trying to concurrently design a part for production prototyping that I can print test parts on our cheap 3D printer, using our printer's shrink/grow factors for testing, but keeping the nominal finished size so we can shop out high quality parts to a vendor, and they can apply their own factors to it, as needed. For this I use derived configurations.


This attempt has failed entirely. The bugs are too nested to try to report to our VAR, their engineers always shrug and say sorry, this latest cool thing will not work for your parts and environment, and besides,  I don't have 3 years to wait for updates, if ever.  In future, I will abandon all hope of using Design Tables, and iterate using multiple part files, and minimal configurations. Like everything slightly complex in SolidWorks, the promise of better batch type control always loses to poor implementation, and massive amounts of bugs.


I can't begin to list all the new features I've tried and abandoned in the past 15 years, it's literally everything.


So really this is just an obituary for Design Tables in my parts. Unless by some miracle someone knows of a check box somewhere I'm missing.