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What does TDP (Technical Data Package) mean to you?

Question asked by Tim Benson on Feb 29, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2016 by Oboe Wu

Recently, I had a discussion with a couple of my upper level managers here regarding MBD. One of the subjects we discussed was the role the TDP would play in any enterprise-wide implementation. We're all aware of what the TDP is capable of - one stop shopping for all your part manufacturing needs - but what SHOULD it be? For example, it seems reasonable that the native CAD file or the neutral file (STEP, Parasolid, etc.) should be included, but what about manufacturing standards, engineering standards, proprietary standards, etc. At our company for example, we have standards for a critical cleaning process. Generally, we would reference this via a note on the 3D PDF (or drawings in prehistoric days ;-), but now we could embed that standard in the 3D PDF as well. But should we? How would that the veracity and effectivity of that standard be maintained? If the standard changed, do I then have to go back and revise all the parts/assemblies that referenced that standard?


I think the general perception is that the Holy Grail of MBD/MBE is the one single source of information regarding the part. The idea that you could send one file to anyone, anytime, anywhere, and get the part manufactured is intoxicating. So, how do you see TDP being used in your enterprise? What types of information would you embed in the 3D PDF? How would you manage changes to that embedded data? What pitfalls (if any) do you foresee? What other challenges may arise?


Looking forward to the discussion!