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    How put a clear signature in a drawing

    Jim Springate

      Hi we are trying to put a 'wet' signature into a drawing so when it is printed it looks like it is signed.

      All going well until we tried to scan a signature, changed it to .png and inserted it into the drawing, It looks badly pixelated, and 80% of the pixels are missing!


      Anyone else tried something like this and found a trick to produce a good image?

      Thanks, Jim

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          Ian Worrall

          The best way I can think of to do this is to use a Wacom-type tablet to write the signature straight into Adobe Illustrator, then insert it into your drawing as a *.ai file.


          DISCLAIMER: I don't use Illustrator, so haven't tried it!

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              Matt Peneguy

              Ian's method would be much better than a scanned signature.  If you can get everything including logos to be vector format, then your files will be better quality and smaller in size.

              However, those digitizers are awkward unless you get one where you can actually see the signature on the pad while you sign.  It is difficult to look at the computer screen while you sign a tablet.


              As a professional engineer I have to seal and sign drawings.  I'll share what I came up with after a lot of trial and error, to hopefully save you some trouble:

              I found an app on my phone that allows me to sign on my phone with a stylus (Handwrite Pro).  I paid the $5 for the save to pdf option.  Then I transferred my signature to the computer.

              Now my workflow is to print to pdf, then in the pdf application (Bluebeam Revu, but Acrobat Writer will work also) I "stamp" my signature onto the pdf.  The signature is vector and is thus very clear.

              You can see an example of a vector signature on Wikipedia:


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              Glenn Schroeder

              Welcome to the forum.  I've done something similar, but the ones I use are either GIF's or JPEG's.  I'd suggest either trying a different file type, or the PNG's might work okay with different settings when you scan the signatures.