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Best Practice - Labels / Stickers

Question asked by Ian Woodward on Feb 29, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2016 by Keith Carter

Say you have a plastic part which you then place a sticker on.

The plastic part number is 98_32131. The label part number is 12_00062. Do you recommend then creating a new part number for the part & sticker assembly?


At the moment I add a note onto drawing 98_32131 to state “label 12_00062 placed here” but I don’t actually show the label. I now want to start showing the label but I am unsure what the best practice is for doing this?


  • Create an assembly for the plastic part and sticker assembly. This is given a totally new part number.
  • Open ‘98_32131’ and use the ‘insert’ feature to insert the label. How would I then get it to show '12_00062' in a bill of materials table?
  • Create an assembly for the plastic part and sticker assembly but save as ‘98_32131’ – This means you have an assembly and a part under the same number.


Which way would you recommend?


Kind regards