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    PDM Revision settings

    Mounika V.


      One of our customer used to work on server, but recently they have started working on PDM, for that they have uploaded all the files in the PDM folder from server and checked in.

      While opening the drawing from PDM the revision history is changing to A.01 for every drawing in the PDM,

      even though the revision is B/C/D.. by default it is taking as A.01 and that is reflecting in the drawing.

      Is there any option of getting the existing revision ?

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          Wojciech Paterski

          well if we have legacy drawing re-drawon into PDM, then we have to do manual up-revision of drawing to get it to needed revision, so for some of them is more than once.

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              Mounika V.

              They are not legacy drawing they are existing drawings in solid works, & there are about 20,000 dwgs , we cannot edit the revision for every drawing .

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                  Wojciech Paterski

                  i meant legacy for PDM, as they were not in PDM before. so for PDM they are the first versions, I'm not a PDM admin or even trained in it, but that's how it works in my company.

                  There might be someway of transfering it to maintain revision, but we when we create drawing in PDM for part that exists but wasn't created in PDM do have to manually revise it to correct resivion number.


                  I would call your VAR and speak with someone from PDM department.

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                    Bryan Nathan

                    Our VAR had a routine they sold us when we migrated to EPDM a few years ago. All of our models/drawings had a Rev variable inside of them. The routine would read that Rev variable and then change the revision of the parts during migration into the vault. Don't remember how much we paid but it was well worth the money.

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                        Tom Cote

                        It sounds like your rev's were not mapped correctly when your data was migrated into the vault.

                        Are you using PDM St'd or PDM Pro?

                        There are a few things to look at before you can figure out a solution:

                        1. Look at the file history, is there an entry that reads "Revision A.01"?

                        2. Look in the workflow and the current state, working backwards from there look for when the revision is getting set.  Maybe you can fix it.

                        3. Is this a planned rev schema, but just assigned incorrectly?




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                    Craig Schultz

                    It sounds like your workflow is assigning a rev at the initial state of your normal workflow.


                    So, what can do:

                    • Set up a new workflow for legacy files
                    • Your data card gets populated with the current revision from the model as it goes through an auto transition to "Legacy - Vaulted".  Do not have a rev scheme associated with the states.  I'm assuming you won't be modifying those parts, they'd be strictly for reference.
                    • If all the files are in one folder, have the new workflow have a condition where the name of the file path name is that folder.  Also add a condition to your normal workflow to have it NOT equal to that folder name.