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Red dimensions on drawings after checkout in PDM Works.

Question asked by Scott Harshbarger on Nov 7, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2007 by Kenneth Barrentine
I have created a design and released ownership so our draftsperson could update and detail drawings that I had started to work on. Once our draftsperson was finished with the drawings they were checked back into PDM works. I then checked them out onto my local machine and when I open the drawings all the dimensions that the draftsperson had created were red. Some stating that they were overdefining and some stating that they were underdefined. Going back to my draftspersons machine the dimensions are not red and do not have the under or overdefining error.

Is there a setting that is not in sync between our 2 machines, or could this be something else? Has anybody ever had this problem before?

THanks for your help,