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Draftsight - No geometry visible after upgrade to 2016

Question asked by Jamie Buchanan on Feb 29, 2016

Hi All,


Having a bit of bother with Draftsight. I decided to upgrade last week to 2016 having used a version from circa 2013 successfully alongside Solidworks for 3 years.


The problem i'm hving is as follows. I open Draftsight, no problems. Move my cursor to the model space and it disappears (like it has gone behind the model space) it will then reappear if i move it back to the tool bars etc. If I load an existing drawing, none of the geometry is visible or selectable in any of the view tabs, however, if i print preview it is all there!!!


I have updated my GPU Driver (Quadro K300), reinstalled Draftsight multiple times... turned my laptop on and off etc etc


Seems like a similar problem to this but with the exception I can see nothing and select nothing.


Can anybody help me?