Chris Kulig

Inventor 11 importing: Recommended System Reqs?

Discussion created by Chris Kulig on Nov 5, 2007
Dear SolidWorks Techies,

Do you have a suggested minimum system requirement for someone who is having to import an entire library of Inventor 11 parts (eventually) into SW SP0? I had to send a part to my local tech support and they used a monster machine 64bit XP with 8GB and some whopper CPU. That was for a not so complicated sheet metal part. I have a dual core processor (Athlon64 Dual 4200+ @ 2.21GHz), XP SP2, and 2GB (I'll have a Quadro 570FX video soon if that makes any difference). Am I looking at having to get a significantly bigger machine altogether? My crashes take me right to the desktop and then I have to completely reboot from there, so sort of aggrevating.

Bottom line: What type of upgrade for my machine would give me the biggest chance at this? Processor? RAM? 64bit? Can you list these in order of significance to what I'm doing and we'll try on our end to upgrade accordingly.

Chris Kulig