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Vista performance with SW2008 + DX Video Cards

Question asked by 1-6XI2BX on Nov 5, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2007 by 1-6XI2BX
I was just browsing the Vista requirements and noticed thatSolidworks moved to Direct X rendering on Vista from Open GL (WinXP).  This has a huge, huge benefit to us as users because ofthe significant performance increase and price reduction from beingable to use "gaming" video cards like the Geforce 8800GT, GTX, Ultra, etc.  For reference, you can pick up a 8800 GT512MB card for $230, that is pretty equivalent to a Quadro FX 5600($950) hardware wise.

Has anybody verified (with benchmarks) that this is the case withVista, or are the results the same as XP?  I was justwondering what a 8800 series card would do in Solidworks because Iwould expect them to be on par with a Quadro 5600.