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Drawing sets

Question asked by Scott Taylor on Feb 27, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2016 by Deepak Gupta

My experience has typically been in extremely older versions of Autodesk AutoCAD.  I don't really work in the industry but at times dabble with various architectural drawings.  In the past I have usually been able to get my hands on some version of AutoCAD software but thought I'd give DraftSight a try.  I've read through the Quick Start Guide but obviously is very limited information.  I realize that it may not be appropriate to ask multiple question but thought I'd give it a shot.


Drawing scale.

Are the boundaries similar to CAD's limits where for example I want to create a drawing on a 24X36 sheet at 1/4" scale, the upper limit boundary should be 96'X144'?  I would assume this would be set in the Model view and then adjust for printing on sheet view.


Sheet Sets.

I'm a little new to Model / sheet architecture of drawing.  So if I want to create a whole working set of drawings (floor plans, elevations, wall sections, etc).  Do I create those in the Model tab and then set the Sheet tab focus on the drawing I want?  Or is it better to create separate files for each drawing?


Thanks in advance for any feedback.  If there are any other resources that may get me up to speed on this I would appreciate any advice.