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    Drawing sets

    Scott Taylor

      My experience has typically been in extremely older versions of Autodesk AutoCAD.  I don't really work in the industry but at times dabble with various architectural drawings.  In the past I have usually been able to get my hands on some version of AutoCAD software but thought I'd give DraftSight a try.  I've read through the Quick Start Guide but obviously is very limited information.  I realize that it may not be appropriate to ask multiple question but thought I'd give it a shot.


      Drawing scale.

      Are the boundaries similar to CAD's limits where for example I want to create a drawing on a 24X36 sheet at 1/4" scale, the upper limit boundary should be 96'X144'?  I would assume this would be set in the Model view and then adjust for printing on sheet view.


      Sheet Sets.

      I'm a little new to Model / sheet architecture of drawing.  So if I want to create a whole working set of drawings (floor plans, elevations, wall sections, etc).  Do I create those in the Model tab and then set the Sheet tab focus on the drawing I want?  Or is it better to create separate files for each drawing?


      Thanks in advance for any feedback.  If there are any other resources that may get me up to speed on this I would appreciate any advice.