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Why would custom properties disappear when file checked in?

Question asked by Chris B. on Feb 26, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2016 by Richard Bremmer

Hi All,


I'm working to make our Revision Block be populated and roll up automatically, triggered by transitions.

It's working pretty well.  When we Release the file, the first line gets filled in perfectly.Then we run the transition "New Revision".  The Rev Block line moves up one, leaving space to enter the new change details.

Now it is back in WIP and all is good.



Fig.1  After release.  All good.


Fig. 2  After "New Revision".  Part back in WIP but checked in.  Ready for mods.  All good.


Fig. 3  After checking out, making mods, and checking back in.  Rev No. and Approved by/date disappear



Why would custom properties disappear when files are checked in?