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    Visualize Professional assembly animation capabilties?

    Bill Toft

      I have an assembly I want to animate. This assembly is a solar panel support frame and I want to show the individual panels rotate (pivot) east to west as they track the sun each day. Right now I would do a SolidWorks Animation (to vary an angular mate over time), then use PhotoView 360 to do a frame by frame rendering. Finally use QuickTime Pro to make a movie from all those stills.

      I actually read the Visual manual and it seems, if I upgraded to Professional, I can move individual parts in an assembly, using key frames. So I think I could show the starting position (facing east) and the ending position (facing west), then Visualize will interpolate everything in between?

      It also seems that I can link parts so that I only need to do one panel and the others will follow along?

      I hope the answer is yes, because adding the sun's movement (& shadows) will be the finishing touch.

      Thanks, Bill

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          Scott Ellery

          Hi Bill ,


          you are correct , you can indeed move parts of your model using keyframing to animate and visualize will interpolate between the keyframes.


          you also will have access to he animation ribbon which is a great graphical representation of your animation for easier tweaks in movement and easing than tradition keyframing.


          EDIT : you can also utilize the sun study option as well for animations