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Design tables Linked to Existing Spreadsheet

Question asked by S. Casale on Feb 26, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2016 by M. B.

We have a very in depth spreadsheet (master SPREADSHEET) that controls the specific dimensions to some assemblies and all of their components, all driven by large amounts of configurations.

-     I would like to create a design table for each of the assemblies and parts that links to the master file.

However I do not want to use the process of linking files the same way it is traditionally done, by selecting the cell (in the design table), keying in =file/cell value and etc. This way is too cumbersome for our users to have to update the master SPREADSHEET, then open each individual file, and design table for each SW file.

     I would like to have the master SPREADSHEET control all the design tables in itself.

-     Would this be controlled per sheet (i.e., sheet 1 is the master spreadsheet, sheet 2 is a design table for Assembly A, sheet 3, Part A, sheet 4, Part 4, and etc....?

Can this be done?


P.S., I am proficient with SW, configurations, design tables, custom properties, excel and the like. I am not looking for how to use the mentioned programs, but specifically if I can build all of the assemblies, and parts design tables in one master file.