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How to create a custom color match in Visualize?

Question asked by Toft Bill on Feb 26, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2016 by Marshal Fitch

My client told me how he will be painting his vending machine and I wonder how to best match it in Visualize?


There is a base powder coat (polished aluminum) and a top coat (psycho lime).

Here are the supplier links for those colors.

PSYCHO LIME Powder Coat PPB-2448 | Prismatic Powders


I used the Eye Dropper tool to get the green color matched but I don't know the best appearance type to use. Paint seems too simple so I think Metallic Paint, but this finish doesn't actually have flakes. But there are a lot more options!

Any recommendations as how I should get started?


Just my luck to have my first Visualize project complicated!

Thanks . . . .