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Is anyone as tired of SWx Drawings poor hatching performance as me?

Question asked by Dwayne Peyton on Feb 25, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2016 by Tom Helsley

I know it is based around a 3-D modeling program, but I have never wasted so much time in my entire life. I have to use the hatch function in SWx Drawings - not optional in this case - literally 2.5 hours to put on about 10 dimensions because of approximately 30 small solid hatched shapes? If Pro-E can do it, then Solidworks should be able to as well. I like the modeling portion of the program and the drawings have gotten markedly better since 09, but they NEED to fix this problem. The hatch function turning a 1.5 MB drawing into a 8-9 MB drawing is ridiculous. More than just a little FRUSTRATED....and would rather jump off the roof of our 3 story building than work on this stupid drawing one more minute!!!!!!!!!