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    Selection pop-up is collapsed

    Greg Welch

      For some reason, out of the blue, my selection pop-up window started coming up in the collapsed state.  See the attached  screen shot.  Can anyone tell me what setting I need to change to get it back to the normal expanded state?


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          Alen Topic

          Hey Greg,

          If it is very important for you to have measure display in the uncollapsed state, maybe do a quick registry reset. You can always go back to your original setup.


          If someone has a simpler answer than disregard this, however, it takes 15 seconds to reset reg and go back to your old one.


          Reset Reg:

          If you have a custom user interface save it using "Copy Setting Wizard".


          Steps to fix your issue:


          • Go to Windows explorer and in the "search programs" type regedit and launch the interface "regedit.exe".

          Step 2:

          • Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Solidworks

          Step 3:

          • Select Solidworks and press F2 to rename, rename it to "Solidworks_old"

          Step 4:

          • Go launch SOLIDWORKS from your shortcut, this will now create a new entry in your registry and should resolve your issue. However, if it does not fix the issue, you can always delete the new Solidworks registry entry and rename the old one to just "Solidworks" which will go back to where you were originally.

          Step 5:

          • If step 4 fixes the issue, you are now ready to upload your user settings back.


          Hope this helps,



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            Greg Welch

            The solution is to upload an old SolidWorks setting file that predates the problem but is from the version of SolidWorks you are currently using.  If you don't have one, you can use the regedit solution, but don't bother with Step 1 or Step 5, or uploading any setting file that postdates the problem.  The problem will reappear as soon as you do that.  You will just have to go through and change your settings manually.