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Command Manager Dropdowns (or reset)

Question asked by Ben Mitchell on Feb 25, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2016 by Ben Mitchell


I'm on SW2016.


I was messing around with customizing my command manager's Sketch tab and managed to delete some items that aren't individual commands, but rather command groups.


For example, I deleted the "Move Entities" item which is actually a dropdown that has several transformation commands available.


I can't figure out how to either reset the Command Manager to factory defaults, or to create dropdown groupings of commands.  As a result, if I wanted to have all those commands back in the tab I would have to have them all separate.


For resetting, I've tried all the reset options I can find.  I've tried resetting the registry.


For grouping, I attempted the iOS trick of dragging one command onto another.


I couldn't make any of this work.