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    Large Design Review Mode: Selective Open

    David Faszer

      I have recently learned about opening a large assembly using Large Design Review Mode and within that mode, the Selective Open command. From my understanding, the selective open will only load the selected components into memory, and all other components are hidden and do not load. I know that to add more components to the selective open, all I need to do is show hidden and select any other component that I want. By using the selective open feature, it also creates a display state.


      My question is, after you have used the selective open, and made the changes that I want, is there a way to go back to showing all components in Large Design Review Mode? From what I have found, if I change the display state to one of my originals, or show all of the components, they are loaded in a resolved state, and then the model takes a long time to rebuild as it is now loading all components.


      On a side note, I was in a selective open mode, made some changes, and then saved while in the selective open. When I try to open that same file in Large Design Review Mode, I am getting the error "Cannot open c:\xxxxxxxx. This file contains no display data. you must either: Open and resave the file in SOLIDWORKS 98 or later or Resave the file with tesselation date: Tools, ......." Is this a bug? Or did I do something wrong when I saved? Opening it in Resolved, Lightweight, or Large Assembly Mode work fine, just not Large Design Review Mode.





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          Alen Topic

          Hello David,


          Currently I was not able to find a way to go from a selectively open display state, yes you are right it creates a new display state when you go selectively open. Once you save it, you have to revert to the default display state showing all of your components and then press R for recent or select file>open and choose the same top level assembly in the LDR to load all of the components in.


          Hope this helps, this is an excellent enhancement request