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creative workaround flexible part in assembly?

Question asked by Jason George on Feb 25, 2016
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is it possible to make a part flexible or change length in an assembly?  Here is an example of what I would like to try to accomplish.  Let's you have a part named spring.  You want to use that part in an assembly.  Is there a way for the assembly to tell the spring part what length to be FOR THAT ASSEMBLY ONLY? For example you want the length to be 1.  Ideally you could use that same spring part in another assembly with the 2nd assembly telling the spring to be a length of 2.  Everything I have tried changes the actual length of the part so it works for one assembly only, not multiple.  The current workaround I am using is configurations driven by a design table for each compressed length.  This has created a lot of configurations.  If the assembly could control the length, then the only configurations for the spring part that would be needed would be for different ODs, spring rates, and wire dia.