Willi Gindner

amd w5000

Discussion created by Willi Gindner on Feb 25, 2016

I have removed my Firepro W5000 as drivers are not working
correctly with Solidworks 2013 and Solidcam 2013 or 2015, this card has been a
serious Downer since we received it and we are Switching back to Nvidia
Quadros, I have wasted far too much time trying to solve the issues and the
General System Instability has been Financially Costly and Frustrating. I
worked with Tech last year where it was up to me to prove that Your so called Certified
Card was not working Correctly, I did this, In part by showing that I did not
have the issues with your HD series Gaming card (used at home), You made some
changes that addressed most of the issues with Large STL Mesh files that we
were having but we still have experienced System instability and Constant
Solidworks Crashes. I do not see how your card can be recommended for
Solidworks Cad systems with the drivers that you are providing.

As An Aeronautical Engineer I would not recommend you in the
future, as well, I was a big supporter of AMD Opteron’s in the past, I thought
you would do great things with drivers to make the FireGL and FirePro lines a
great alternative to Nvidia, It is unfortunate that you Failed.

It is time for companies to stop Developing new innovative products
that don’t work and start to Focus on Stability, this is a time saver when we
are not continually restarting crashed software or rebuilding Model files that
become corrupted when your drivers fail. You have good hardware but if you can’t
use it efficiently then it may as well be Garbage, it will make you money to
throw it away and use a product that works.

Please note that I am referring to Solidworks and Solidcam integration
and I Can’t say if the product works with other software properly, if you are experiencing
constant crashes or unusual artifacts, test another brand ( eg Quadro)  card to see if you need to change. More than a
waste of $500.00  on the W5000.