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Performance Test bugs need fixing

Question asked by Randy Miller on Feb 25, 2016

I wanted to get a feel for where I'm at relative to what's possible with performance so ran the SW Performance Test from Rx.  The results are fraught with bugs.  As you see in the snapshot below, I expanded the System Details for the second entry and got a bunch of errors.  I am using SW 2015 SP5, not 2014 SP2.  The "Your Score" section matches the numbers in the "Share Your Score" screen but are way off from the "System Details" shown.  OS, Computer, CPU, Graphics, RAM, etc., are all correct but the performance test results don't match.  Which do I trust?


I also tried to "Compare My Score" to the others in the database by entering my data here:


But all I get is an error that says "Internal Server Error - Read" after I click "Compare My Computer":

Then this:



I've repeated this about 5 times so am pretty sure it is an issue on the SolidWorks end.

Is anyone else seeing this same issue?