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Drawing Scale

Question asked by Sorin Albu on Feb 24, 2016
Latest reply on May 9, 2016 by Kirk Meyer


I created a sheet metal model part using ANSI unit measure and I began to work in drawing for details using the same ANSI units

I set up the scale to 1: 2 for all views in drawing and after same time changing between 3D model part and drawing my scale in drawing

for all my drawing views change itself to the scale 1000:1, even I try to identify from where was the problem I couldn't and even I changed

the scale back it was not possible, later I open the model and I sow in feature tree a feature Scale, I tried to delete this Scale feature and to

resolve the scale views in my drawing but was not possible. I never use this type of Scale feature that appear from nowhere in my model part.

on feature tree, so please I will appreciate very much is someone can help me to find a solution regarding this. A video, pdf, ppt, file it can help a lot too.

Thank you so much, I appreciate.