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<NUM_INST> variable is pulling nothing.

Question asked by Dennis Parr on Feb 24, 2016

If you didn't have it in a callout you used to able to edit the callout and add <NUM_INST>X and it would pull the quantity for that hole size. What programmer got the bright idea to remove this function. I have to manually count my holes and put the quantity in the callout. Also, why can't I find a variable list anywhere.


i.e. <NUM_INST> : pulls hole quantity in a callout.

     <DIM> : pulls the dimension.

     etc., etc., etc.

Would be handy when you open up someone else's drawing and you find hole callouts won't update because the user put them in as a manual note. Why, I have no idea. But is previous versions (we are on 2016 right now) you could edit the note to add the variables or place one callout and copy the text and edit the other notes to paste the text in and turn a note into a hole callout.