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Trying to prepare for the exam

Question asked by Rob S. on Feb 24, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2017 by Derek Coller

I am trying to prepare for the CSWA exam by taking all the practice exams I can find but am having serious trouble getting the correct answers. I follow each model, every dimension is correct, but the mass of my part is always off by 10-20 grams. I have reached out to support and they have gone through my part and are stumped as well. I have made sure all the sketches are defined, origins are correct, material is correct, etc.


Did anybody have trouble with this? Could it be related to me running a newer version of the program? I am on 2016 and the exams/tutorials are on 2013/2014.


I am trying to take the test soon but it's a pretty hopeless feeling when I can't get the correct mass of the parts and nobody knows why!