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    Title Block & Border lines bleed thru?

    Rich Osterreicher
      Ok, got 2008 working..
      My 1st 08 drawing attempt..
      Placed a view of a part..
      I placed it so it's overlapping my sheet border.. part on the sheet part off..
      That's because there is no preview of the view contents prior to placing the view...
      So i had to place view 'blindly" Supposed to be like that?
      Granted, i DO know the view will not be left partialy off the sheet,
      But why in the world do the Sheet border lines bleed thru the view?
      Also, i'm talking about Shaded view's.. Actually all view types seem to bleed thru..
      Of course, i move the view fully on the sheet...
      Just never noticed that behavior pre-08
      This is SW2008 SP0

      ps...Side Note, I absolutely hate the new cmd manager & ui!! so far..
      What a mess.. sorry, Just had to say it before i pop...