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    Wesley Morgan


      I have been given a link and a code by my university to download a version of solidworks I can install on my own computer. I am really struggling to complete the install. I keep getting various errors whilst using the installation manager. Has anybody got experience with this or seen any of the attached errors??


      Any help would be much appreciated!



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          J. Mather

          My preference is to not use the Download Manager - but rather - download the install files that are the same as having an install DVD or USB. 

          Make sure you also run the registry edit for the Microsoft KB problem.

          Make sure you have MS Excel installed and run at least once.

          Make sure you have UAC and anti-virus temporarily disabled.

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            Jeff Mirisola

            One, you need to delete your attachment. It contains information that shouldn't be public.

            Two, you need to find out from your school which version of SolidWorks you are entitled to. Obviously, going off of the error messages, 2015 isn't it.