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How to specify tube rotation on a tube made with sweeps

Question asked by Carlos Guevara on Feb 23, 2016

HI All,


I have a project that I am trying to finish, I have the physical part here which I am trying to model in Solidworks 2015. I have taken the measurements off of the pipe here. My problem is that this pipe is not on one plane and some parts of the pipe have a bend angle and a rotation too.


I tried using 3D sketch to roughly draw the pipe and then dimension it accordingly, I can smart dimension the leg lengths and the bend angle but when I try to specify the rotation angle I get stuck.


In the attached file I made a plane with the angle I needed and then lined up the centerline by eye. I know there has to be a better way.


If any one can help me that would be great.



I have this info on hand also,but it is not very help full to me since I  do not understand it. I am used to XYZ co ordinates.



bend nobend angleclock rotationcount clock rotationtan-end dimension