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Another Inventor question -What info gets lost exactly?

Question asked by John McCaveny on Feb 24, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2016 by J. Mather


I read through a load of Inventor queries and have not found this explicit info anywhere so apologies if this has cropped up before!

When you import Inventor parts and assemblies what information do you lose in the conversion? We have Premium & Pro licences so we have FeatureWorks and we will no doubt maintain Inventor on at least one PC so there is no issue for us converting the files.


  • Do assemblies lose their mate info?
  • Will assigned materials match SW?
  • Are configurations or design tables migrated?
  • Is ther absolutely no way to convert an Inventor drawing file??!!!

Also has anyone used either of these programmes to convert their Inventor files? I am unsure if they would offer anything moe than Feature Works could offer.


Thanks in advance for any replies.