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Upgrading to 2016 EPDM - Really confused...

Question asked by Peter Thickett on Feb 23, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2016 by Peter Thickett

Hey Guys,


So we are currently at 2015 SP5.0 and I am looking to upgrade us to 2016.


Now I am probably late to the game here but I noticed that there is no standalone installer for the EPDM client now, so it must be baked into the 2016 installer.


However the only checkbox I see for it in the admin image tool is the workgroup PDM option which obviously I don't want.


I even looked in the downloaded files in My Documents and there is no EPDM folder there with an install package.


My other question is - aside from the EPDM issues, if I update the network license manager for SolidWorks to 2016, will people running 2015 still be able to run SolidWorks? I only ask because I think I may do that sooner rather than later and get a test machine running 2016 up and running - prior to upgrading the vault as then I will definitely have to run around and do all of the client installs.