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Inspection labels; currently inspection labels are fixed as numbers.

Question asked by James Holland on Feb 23, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2016 by Mathieu Fourcade

Using SW Inspection; the label or ID assigned to each inspection dimension is fixed. The format is a whole number.


This field format is read only and cannot be modified. If there is a way to change the start "number" I have not been able to find it. You can click in the Start Number parameter field and delete "1" and put in a different start number, but it will not allow a non numerical value.


I have never seen a dwg that didn't have letter labels and for good reason.


These numerical labels are standing beside a numerical dimension. If you are looking at a printed black and white dwg, it is very difficult to tell the label from the dimension in some cases.


Who thought this was a good idea????


Do any of you reading this have a hack or edit for SW .dat or .ini files that allows you to change this default to a letter?


Image; label is in red. If a dimension doesn't have a prefix, and the label is too close, it looks like it is part of the dimension.