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How can i save an assembly as a solid file?

Question asked by Henrik Andreasen on Feb 24, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2016 by Alin Vargatu

We need to make a IFC2x3 file of our assembly and we dont want our costumers or compettitors to be able to open them up og make parts of them invisible for reverse engineering. We have tried to save it as a part and then use the "combine" feature, but this is hopeless on our assemblies as they typically are +350 parts and some parts are not touching each other, which result in many errors regarding the combine feature. We likewise tried to use the defeature Tool and then save it as a part, but then we need to use the combine feature again, and we get a lot of errors of zero thickness. Isn't it possible to just save it as one big lump of solid matter? I know you can do this in Inventor, and surely it must be possible in solidworks. we are running the 2014 version.


BR Henrik A.