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Copy Tree create new version?

Question asked by Josiah Sansone on Feb 23, 2016

Our engineers would frequently like to test changes to released parts/assemblies/drawings prior to having an actual ECO for those changes.  Rather than moving the files to an editing state and checking them to make changes which may never actually occur, the best practice in this regard is to use Copy Tree to create a sandbox version of the files in question with either a suffix or a completely different name.  The engineers can then modify the files they want and share the possible changes with other engineers.  If the changes then become an ECO and the released files are moved into an editing state, it would be extremely beneficial to be able to use Copy Tree to copy the changed files BACK to the location of the originals, renaming them back to the original file names and creating a new version of the released files (after having checked them out).  However, this currently doesn't work because if the user has delete rights to the released files, Copy Tree deletes the originals and overwrites them with the new files (with no version history), rather than adding a new version.  If the user doesn't have delete rights, then the copy tree simply fails, saying the user lacks permission to copy the files.

However, you can do this by opening the sandbox files in Solidworks and performing a save-as, and choosing to save referenced files as well, then renaming the referenced files and choosing the destination location. The problem with this is that the save-as dialog is not nearly as fully featured and easy to use as Copy Tree.  Copy tree should be able to simply create a new version of the file if it already exists, or there should be a check-box option to do so. There is an SPR on this, SPR 756789, but I was wondering if anyone had found a better way around this than using the Save-as process?