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SW2016: 1.5 Spacing in Feature Manager? Difficult-to-Use "List Selected"?

Question asked by John Willett on Feb 22, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2016 by Andy Sanders

I know there have been a lot of gripes about the SW2016 UI.  Has anyone seen these particular peculiarities?  I don't want to waste everyone's time; but tech support is telling me to reset the registry key, and I don't want to lose my customizations (on all three installed versions!) unless this is really atypical behavior:


I just installed SW2016 Premium SP2.0 on my Windows 7 SP1 system -- most recently I had been using 2015 SP5.0, which I still keep on my machine -- and I immediately noticed two very annoying features of the new GUI:


1) In 2016 the "Feature Manager" looks as though it's 1.5 spaced:

2016 Screen Shot 1.png

Less information can be seen on the screen at a time, requiring much more scrolling compared to 2015, shown here on the same problem:

2015 Screen Shot 1.png

(For those without the SW Premium, the Feature Manger on the Model tab looks just as shown here in each version.)


2) In 2015, when I wanted to "List Selected" plotted simulation results on a chosen face, the relevant window would cover the whole Feature Manager:

2015 Screen Shot 2.png

making it possible to do useful work without re-sizing things, and would close to show the whole feature manager when finished.  In 2016, however, the "Probe" window opens only in the upper (Model) section of the Feature Manager column, which I usually keep rather short:

2016 Screen Shot 2.png

This necessitates two additional steps to use List Selected effectively:  a) I have to drag the divider down to show enough of the Probe window to be useful.  b) After closing it I then have to drag the divider back up to see the Feature Manager as before.


Any of this sound familiar?  Any solutions?-- John Willett