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Folder and Workflow rights - Frusterated...

Question asked by Tera Hansen on Feb 22, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2016 by Prasad Bhonsule

Admittedly, I don't know what I'm doing.  I was kind of thrown into the EPDM admin position, and have only been learning as I go.  It seems I've stumbled into something that I can not figure out on my own, or that is much bigger than I can handle.  Our reseller was little help telling me to look into "show working versions".  (That or pay up for us to do it for you.)  Except I don't really know what that means.  I've tried googling, I've tried pouring through the admin guide, and I've tried searching the forums.  And knowing what little I know, I have an idea of what needs to be done, but it seems like this is much bigger than what time (and my little knowledge) will allow.


So this is the issue.  Currently our system is set up so that when a revision is incremented; it is done in the first transition from the "Approved" state.  Which makes sense, you need to have some sort of a signifier so that whoever is looking at a printed or pdf copy of the new drawing with the changes, they know it is not the approved version of the previous revision.  Well we do a lot of custom products.  Things modified from a standard item, slightly taller, made out of AL vs. steel, bigger bucket, etc...  And these all use many of the same standards parts.  So that when a new custom is approved and sent to production via CADlink, if one of those standard parts happens to be in the middle of the ECO process, it will pull and push the latest version (the new unapproved rev) to our ERP system.  Not good.  At least the ladies in planning know something is up because they don't have a copy of the new drawing.  So everything can be backtracked and deleted.  But it has to be done everytime.  Just in the last week, we have had it happen 3 times on the same parts!


I originally assumed the way to do this is by setting permissions so that when our CADlink guru pushes it over, she can only see the approved versions. But according to our reseller, this is kind of an all or nothing option.  If I set it up so that she can not see parts that are in an "in design" status, she can not see the part at all.  How that will affect how CADlink sees the top level BOM when pushing it over to CADlink I don't know.


So I started looking into folder rights and trying the "show working versions" option but it is my understanding that this uses the internal EPDM revisions, which is something we don't use.  Our revisions are tracked by a variable labeled revision.  So if I want to go this route I'd have to redo the entire revision scheme in EPDM?!  Am I understanding this right?


Like I said I think this is much bigger than this girl who is just learning as she goes can handle.  But I thought I'd put it out there in hopes that I am putting way to much into this, and it's actually a simple fix.


Thanks for all your help!