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    Wishlist: API for PDM standard

    Christian Chu

      PDM standard was finally out with no API support

      Users who have been using Workgroup PDM (with API) for years like me really pissed off since we just can't afford for the expensive PDM Pro. package

      Here is the wishlist: an option for purchasing API for PDM standard like other software do

        • Re: Wishlist: API for PDM standard
          Michael Spens

          Hello Chris,

               This is a great place for a discussion.  I certainly know other WPDM customers who use the API to generate reports and alter its functionality as well.  Can you share some of the things you do with the WPDM API?  No need for code, just general concepts.  I would hope many of the operations can be taken care of with core PDM Standard functionality without an API along with running queries on the SQL database.  But I'm sure there are other uses out there where the API is needed.  Please share!