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How to return a wire body from a macro feature

Question asked by Johannes Kronberger on Feb 22, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2016 by Brad Phelan

As a test I wish to build a wire body from a selected sketch in my macro feature.


I have the below code in my macro feature rebuild method. I select a sketch with only a single open contour in it and then build the wire body. However Solidworks always errors out and says that I need to check my geometry and/or tracking ids. Is there anything obviously wrong below?


            var cookies = SwApp.RegisterTrackingDefinition("Tracking_API");

            if (cookies == -1)

                return null; // No cookies found.

            var a = SwFeatureData.GetSelectedObjects(

                (type, mark) =>

                    (type == swSelectType_e.swSelSKETCHES && mark == (int) SelectionMarksEnum.ProjectionCurve))


            var projectionCurveSketch = GetSketch(a);


            var b = SwFeatureData.GetSelectedObjects(

                (type, mark) =>

                    (type == swSelectType_e.swSelSKETCHES && mark == (int) SelectionMarksEnum.DepthCurve))


            var depthCurveSketch = GetSketch(b);



            Debug.Assert(depthCurveSketch != null, "depthCurveSketch != null");



            var xform = depthCurveSketch.ModelToSketchXform;

            var edgesO = (object[]) depthCurveSketch.GetContourEdges(xform);

            var edges = edgesO.Select(o => (IEdge) o).ToArray();

            var curves= edges.Select(edge => (ICurve) edge.GetCurve())



            var wireBody = modeler.CreateWireBody(curves , (int)swCreateWireBodyOptions_e.swCreateWireBodyByDefault);

            wireBody.SetTrackingID(cookies, 12);

            return wireBody;


with helper methods


        private static ISketch GetSketch(object a)


            return (ISketch)((IFeature) a)?.GetSpecificFeature2();





        public static IEnumerable<object> GetSelectedObjects(this IMacroFeatureData selMgr, Func<swSelectType_e, int, bool> filter)



                object objects;

                object objectTypes;

                object marks;

                object drViews;

                object componentXForms;

                selMgr.GetSelections3(out objects, out objectTypes, out marks, out drViews, out componentXForms);


                var objectsArray = (object[])objects;

                var typesArray = (swSelectType_e[])objectTypes;

                var marksArray = (int[])marks;

                var i = 0;

                foreach (var item in objectsArray)


                    if(filter(typesArray[i], marksArray[i]))


                        yield return item;