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generate gears that work

Question asked by Tarakan Tarakanich on Feb 21, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2016 by Kevin Chandler

I am designing some parts to be printed on an fff 3D printer.

I want to generate two gears that mesh together. I want those gears to be either straight cut gears or herringbone gears or staggered herringbone gears


05 Generate gears that work - YouTube


In the 2015 version I used the toolbox to generate gears from the library, than I used their profiles for my purposes, to integrate them into parts of the design.

Now I am unable to enter how many teeth I want and have a gear generated for me.


I want to make a part for a device that is shown in the three pictures attached.


I want to make a souvenir-like center finder product that I would hand out to show the 3D printing capabilities of our makerspace. I also want this center finder to be a nicely-made tutorial that I am going to capture. I want to show the whole process of making this commodity from start to finish.


I will capture screen with Camtisa to show Solidworks 2016 and  configuration of the printing software; alsp film the process of setting up the 3D printer and printing.

All of this is for non-commercial, educational purposes. Thank you.


It may be that I wasn't able to find an answer because

a) this feature didn't change between SW15 and SW16 so new videos weren't made

b)I don't know the appropriate terminology to search YouTube for the right tutorials.


I would greatly appreciate links to relevant tutorials. Thank you.



Update: I found a way to draw gears, but it uses GearTeq, a secondary program that is not free. I want to avoid using tools like this if possible. Otherwise it will be difficult for people to follow my tutorial. 06 gearteq.JPG