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    Michael Kramer
      I have been testing out 08 (upgraded to 0.1) and I have been trying to add my macro icons and I can not add them to anywhere in the Command Manager. I can add other icons to the manager but I cannot add macro icons; even to my customized tab. I can added the macro icons to a regular toolbar though.

      Anyone else have this issue or am I missing something? Thanks
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          Charles Culp
          It looks like a bug!  I found out how to do it.

          1.) Right click on the command manager, and select the second option, turning off "Show large icons withtext".

          2.) Then add your macro button; it will now show.

          3.) If you like the large icons, you can now turn it back on andthe macro will show.  Just make sure to add the fulldescriptions for it.

          And step 4?  Make sure to send this in as a bug.
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              Michael Kramer
              Nice catch Charles! I did some more tests with this and I found out that you can skip your step 1. It will add the macro icon to the command manager with large or small icons as long as you add a Tooltip description which I was not doing at all yesterday.

              Thanks again and the issue has been submitted.