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Omit layers from printing does it work 100% SW 2016 when part of sheet format? I just recently tried to use the omit layers from printing just to find out it does not work with text when it is part of sheet format. When using this for a Sheet Format lines

Question asked by Joseph Brown on Feb 22, 2016

I am curious if this works correctly in 2016


1. Make a drawing

2. Make a new layer set it to not print.

3. Add some text and lines.

4.Close the edit sheet format.

5. Do a print preview. Do both the lines and text not show which are part of the no print layer?


6. Turn the no print layer off. do both the text and line both go away? Or do you have to do a quick edit sheet format to make the text go away?


I don't want the lines and text in the drawing area that are not going to be printing. If they were in the drawing area this causes text and lines to snap to the invisible element on the "off layers" which have line in the drawing area which are not part of the sheet format.