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One button rotating between 3 points, pushin each one in sequence - how? :(

Question asked by Pasi Reina on Feb 21, 2016
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Okey... How to explain this in my poor rallye-driver 'engrish' - try to cope with me. Apologies in advance, ive started using SW very recently.


Imagine THREE round buttons with a button in the middle, higher than the three. Each time you press the middle button, it pushes one of the three buttons, when you lift the middle button, it rotates to the next. Cycle repeats.
If it rotates partially with the release of the button and the rest when pressed, all good.


What comes to mind first is a mechanical ballpoint pencil. Each time to you push it, it rotates. 


10min sample added. Yes, its bad.


Any samples, ideas, etc?