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    Simulate heat transfer coefficient

    Lukas Müller

      Hi all,

      I like to simulate the heat transfer coefficient for a specific flow simulation problem. I don't define any temperatures nor any heat flows. After the simulation is finished, I can get the values for the heat transfer coefficient. But since I don't know, how the coefficient is calculated I don't know how reliable this value is.

      How is SW calculating the heat transfer coefficient? What's the formula? What are the significant properties to set up?

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          Amit Katz

          Flow Sim uses the thermal properties in its fluid database for solving the heat transfer equations alongside the N-S equations. If you specify to include heat in your project you will need to add some heat source, otherwise everything will be initialized at the ambient temperature and there will be no transfer between the fluids and solids.

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              Lukas Müller

              Hi Amit,


              thank you for the response.

              If I don`t add a heat source, surely there will be no heat transfer. But anyway SolidWorks is able to calculate / estimate the heat transfer coefficient without any heat transfer.

              There are some fluid mechanic formulars which include the heat transfer coefficient. It`s something like Nusselt Nr = Prandlt-Nr * Reynolds-Nr)^something, but varies with geometry (and are always empiric). I think Solidworks is capable of calculating the heat transfer number with somekind of the above expression?